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Reflections on hope and healing

Forgiveness as an Act of Defiance

"You may not fight your war here. I will not allow you to turn my body into a battle field, my mind into a mine field. I will defy you and I will recover...You sowed hate, and I refuse to be its carrier."

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Spirituality, Evil, and Suffering

Spirituality, Evil, and Suffering

by Reverend Lynn James, LMHC March 2015

As a trauma therapist, I hear daily how people’s spiritual beliefs can be a deep source of comfort, strength, and wisdom, or, sadly at


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If you are in an immediate crisis, please call 911 in the US and Canada, 999 in the UK, 000 in Australia or 112 in Europe.
Alternatively, you can visit Befrienders Worldwide to find a suicide helpline for your country.

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